‘My forehead has gone black after fox eye procedure – I looked like an alien with horns’

A woman who had a procedure done to give her a ‘fox eye’ look has spoken out about how she was left with horns and a black forehead.

Jessie Carr, from Sydney, paid £1,118 for the procedure which promises to last between 18-24 months after she was inspired by celebrities including Bella Hadid.

Sadly, though, the surgery did not go to plan, and it left the 21-year-old with her “biggest regret” – protrusions on her forehead resembling “horns.”

Four months on from the cosmetic procedure, Jessie noticed the left side of her face where the threads were initially inserted has turned black.

In a panic, she contacted her cosmetic surgeon to check it over and was given a steroid injection to help alleviate the dark colouring of her scar.

Speaking to the camera, Jessie explained: “So update I went to the cosmetic surgeon and he was very, very helpful.

“I was initially like I am never going back again because he’s done what he can and if that doesn’t work I don’t expect anything else.

“But I was concerned about it turning black so I did go in and in the meantime what he has done to try and help my scar is he put a steroid injection into the area.

“I think that lightens the scar and also helps with how the scar is currently progressing.”

She then filmed herself a couple of days after the injection and explained to her followers that the inflammation had died down.

Jessie added: “It was a bit out before but now it’s sunken in. It’s almost like there’s an indent in my head now but I guess it’s a good thing because it’s not inflamed.

“And I’ve noticed the colour is turning back to more of a reddish colour rather than a black colour. Hopefully it goes away even more.”

Social media users were shocked by the ongoing saga.

One user wrote: “I’ve never met anyone who had fox eyes done and didn’t have problems.”

“I’d sue them if I’m honest,” added another person.

One user said: “Why are people still doing this and the Turkey teeth? You’re all gorgeous already!”

Another shocked viewer wrote: “Cosmetic surgeons are not plastic surgeons, unfortunately, a BIG difference I’m sorry to see this girl; hope you’re doing okay.”

“Note for the future: don’t get ridiculous stuff done to your face”, someone bluntly added.