Firaxis reveals more about Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Doctor Strange

Firaxis has released a deep dive into Doctor Strange’s abilities, playstyle, and tactics from its upcoming strategy game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Teaming up with (wonderful) content creator Christopher Odd, Firaxis’s five-minute video lets us see how the sorcerer can be best utilised when the card-based strategy game finally drops later this year.

As spotted by NME, Doctor Strange – a support hero – has some interesting tricks up his sleeve, including the ability to heal, protect, and completely conceal himself and allies in battle.

“They don’t call him the Sorcerer Supreme for nothing,” the team teases. “Doctor Strange unleashes otherworldly magic and ancient artifacts to protect the world from Lilith and her forces.”

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be released 7th October on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. A Nintendo Switch version will be available later on, albeit at an unspecified later date. It takes inspiration from the Midnight Sons comic book run of the mid-90s, which told the story of a band of supernatural superheroes as they battled against Lilith, Mother of All Demons.

As Matt helpfully summarised for us when the gameplay trailer dropped, in Firaxis’ game, Lilith has been resurrected by Hydra and will stop at nothing to fulfil a prophecy and bring back her master using the full force of her demonic army. In response to this hellish threat, the Caretaker chooses to reform the Midnight Sons with a few new heroes in tow – including the Avengers, who decide to revive legendary hero The Hunter, the child of Lilith and the only one known to have defeated her before.